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Olympic Games Rio 2016

Typographic exploration for the main event of the summer 2016

Who is Karlie Kloss? Vogue UK

Who is Karlie Kloss?
Title cards and graphics for Karlie Kloss Video Interview for Vogue UK.

Client  Vogue UK
Director  Columbine Goldsmith
Co-Producer  Claire Mac Donald, Caroline Conrad
Director of Photography  Eric Yue
Graphics  YummyColours

House of Vans - Metamorphosis Event

Poster and animated gif for the House of Vans interactive event. Art installation by Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Santtu Mustonen. Event curated and produced by Imprint Projects. 

Client  House of Vans
Agency  Imprint Projects
Type Setting  YummyColours
Illustrations  Hisham Akira Bharoocha & Santtu Mustonen


Nike Flyknit Collective NYC

Custom made type illustrations for Flyknit Launch at Nike Stadium in New York City

Client  Nike Flyknit Collective NYC
Agency  Sub Rosa
Creative Direction  Connie Lui
Art Direction, Illustrations, Wall Displays  Diego Marini