Pantone Make it Brilliant

Creative Direction  //  Campaign

Make it Brilliant Tagline

“Make it Brilliant” is an invitation to engage. “Brilliant” means color; a hue that has a strong saturation. Full of light, shining, bright; brilliance gets noticed. Smart; distinguished by unusual intellectual acuteness. Make it Brilliant” means something distinct to each audience segment. For Pantone internally, it’s a standard that they hold themselves to each day. For the creatives it’s inspiration to make their work brilliant and bold. For the color trendsetters it’s insight that keeps them on trend. For the retail consumers, it’s an ingredient; a product that outshines another.


This campaign tells the story of “creating with color” by articulating dimensionality for each of the three areas of Pantone’s core products. Each vignette emphasizes the unique characteristics and properties of how, in real life, color affects the surfaces. Print and graphic color books are used to create 2D flat objects (printed sheets of paper).  Fashion and home color books are used for material that, although originally flat, ultimately covers dimensional objects. Plastics Chips are used as the foundation of materials and the base of 3D objects.

Client Pantone
Agency Sub Rosa
Creative Direction Diego Marini
Art Direction Christina Latina
Words Lauren Mann
Photography Sarah Silver
Dancers Jaqlin Medlock, Natalie Mackessy, Jenna Pollock
Lights Benji Kayne