Campaign  //  Creative Direction

Radiant Orchid - Color of the Year 2014

The campaign was articulate in Core images and Montly Vignettes. Core images were a great tools to ensure a cohesive press outreach and partner marketing efforts to present Radian Orchid to the public.

Aligning to social media’s need for constantly refreshed content and relevant editorial themes, a series of 11 compositions (spanning January to November 2014) was developed  with elements to reference popular events, holidays, and relevant, even comical celebrations throughout the year. this strategy provides the ability for the following. Each monthly composition was portioned out and teased across owned social media channels.

Client  Pantone
Agency  Sub Rosa
Creative Direction  Diego Marini
Art Direction  Christina Latina
Photography  Nathan Kraxberger
Prop Stylist  Hannah Cloepfil
Post Prod and Retouching  Blank