Oslo Freedom Forum

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The Conference
The Oslo Freedom Forum is a transformative annual conference where the world’s most engaging human rights advocates, artists, tech entrepreneurs, and world leaders meet to share their stories and brainstorm ways to expand freedom and unleash human potential across the globe.


The Concept
The theme for the 2017 Oslo Freedom Forum was Defending Democracy. To create the concept, we began by understanding how to defend democracy by protecting four major pillars: Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association, Free+Fair Elections and Separation of Powers.

We developed a system utilizing dots as the main graphic element. A red dot represents the individual who is a Freedom Fighter for democracy. The red dot advocates, fights, works in the community to make changes that ultimately affect a larger audience.

Between speaker sessions we've created interstitial animations that bring to life the four pillars that ensure democracy: Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association, Free+Fair Elections and Separation of Powers.

Park Activation

Park Activation
For the first time, the park in downtown Oslo included activities to engage the public audience. The activation included: a live simulcast of the conference, an interactive exhibition called Firewall that compares the different results on Google and Chinese search engine Baidu, 4 interactive walls that pose thought provoking questions about democracy and 1 message wall that revealed a hidden message over time as 1834 stickers were placed on by the public. On closing night, participants were invited to illuminate the park's fountain with thousands of LED blue spheres.

The first day was dedicated to a discovery fair. NGOs and Foundations, Independent Media Outlets, Human Rights advocates and Fair Tech companies shared their knowledge and discussed solutions to the challenging problems that exist in the world today.

Client Human Rights Foundation
Creative Studio YummyColours
Production DLX Marketing
Animations Kinetogenic
Photography Einar Aslaksen