Mix Magazine

Forecasting  //  Color Direction

Mix Magazine from Colour Hive, asked us to share our vision for Color Trends Spring/Summer 2019. When we started thinking about a color palette we couldn't quite pin down a specific industry and we realized that now trends lives in cross media experience rather than specific object. So we crafted our palette as a multisensorial color experience associating to each swatch a color, an emotion, a sound and an object.

Concept & Creative Direction YummyColours
Photo Ryan Dorsett

Color Purple
Sound Protest Chant
Emotion Empowerment
Smell Fresh Print
Object Skateboard

Color Green
Sound Laughter
Emotion Gratitude
Smell Salt Water
Object Nail Polish

Color White
Sound Water
Emotion Happiness
Smell Freshly Cut Grass
Object Cassette

Color Chocolate
Sound Silence
Emotion Loneliness
Smell Metal
Object Unicorn

Color Yellow
Sound Thunder
Emotion Empathy
Smell Honey
Object 3D printed map

Color Blush
Sound Clock
Emotion Peace
SmellCedar Wood
Object Pipes

Color Gold
Sound White Noise
Emotion Contentment
Smell Palo Santo
Object Brick

Color Gray
Sound Rustling Foliage
Emotion Sadness
Smell Spruce
Object UFO

Color Teal
Sound Distant Chatter
Emotion Sentimentality
Smell Freshly Baked Bread
Object Gameboy