DVF Visual Identity

Branding  //  Packaging

The main goal of the redesign was to create a recognizable monogram similar to other big fashion brands.

A monogram able to be reproduced on a variety of mediums and also able to become a pattern. Something that with time will be recognized as an iconic element of the brand.

Before designing the new monogram I analyzed the old one. This is what I thought needed to be fixed:
1. The monogram was not modular, making it very difficult to repeat in a pattern.
2. Inconsistency in thicknesses and when scaled down the thin line of the V disappears. 
3. The V merged with the F looks like an M - a three letter block.

These are the solutions I came up with for the new design to create more of a monogram feeling. 
1. Consistency and rhythm in line thickness. 
2. Better legibility of the 3 letters. 
3. Successful modular system that allows for the logo to create a pattern.
4. The creation of a separate element in the F (reworked in 2014 to be attached to the stem of the F to facilitate the production for hardware on accessories).

Client Diane Von Furstenberg
Creative Direction Diego Marini